Bib & Tucker Sew-Op

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Bib & Tucker Sew-Op takes its name from British slang for a woman’s finest duds. Originating from the time when a woman’s wardrobe was quite modest and bibs or “tuckers” allowed for individualizing daily attire, the Sew-Op is a group of sewing enthusiasts who admire a life lived simply. We embody the spirit of locally made goods. Our long-term goal of creating a cottage industry that can support local designers is under way as we meet weekly to share knowledge and expand skill sets. Our short-term goal lies in educating school children about Alabama’s Freedom Quilt Bee of the Civil Rights Movement.
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September 4, 2013
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Mariam, a sew-op regular, celebrates her first star block. She will make a pillow for her soon-to-arrive baby sister with this and other star blocks.
Bib & Tucker goods: pillows and baby quilts. Members aspire to garment construction.
Four machines and five projects going at once at the Sew-Op.
Members of Bib & Tucker help one another with projects. Here, Mrs. Annie (pink sweater) learns how to piece her small squares from Gloria and Rachel.
Sharon shows off a new pillow.

With its reputation of belligerence during the Civil Rights Movement, Birmingham still struggles with the past. How can the Sew-Op, a group of multiracial and multi-generational women, educate Birmingham’s children about the ways in which a community organization can play an effective role in eliminating prejudice?


The Sew-Op will develop curriculum that illuminates the challenges and successes of the Freedom Quilting Bee of Wilcox County, AL during the Civil Rights Movement. The Sew-Op will add its own experiences as an agent of change in the 21st century to show that a continuous thread carries from the past to the present.