Structuring Safety

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In partnership with Kids of Kathmandu, Inscape Publico is working toward the Nepalese goal of 'Earthquake Safe Communities by 2020'. Earthquake-resistant structures minimize the loss of life by preventing the collapse of buildings. The National Society for Earthquake Technology in Nepal has begun seismic retrofitting of hospitals and schools in preparation for inevitable large scale earthquakes. With Nepal's building stock as it is now, an earthquake could bring this small nation to its knees. Our goal is to focus on additional building types; specifically those owned by non-profit organizations. Structuring Safety will save lives.

Michelle Bove
Inscape Publico
973 768 7511

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September 4, 2013
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Orphanage supported by Kids of Kathmandu. 41 orphans live at this location.
This video has been removed.
An introduction: Kids of Kathmandu and the children they serve. Structuring Safety is working to protect these young lives.

Nepal is vulnerable to large earthquakes and is one of the poorest countries in the world. Which makes procuring food, clothing and basic shelter the most pressing issues for most citizens. Our challenge is to bring seismic resilience to as many buildings as possible by building awareness and implementation strategies.


The orphanage that Kids of Kathmandu supports is our case study to raise awareness of seismic retrofitting of existing building stock and how it will create a safer built environment for the people of Nepal. Our implementation plan will structure safety for more buildings by creating awareness and opportunity.