Project Tacloban Phase II

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WORKSHOP architecture has been invited to return to the city of Tacloban in the Philippines, to build a second study center in collaboration with the community of the Seawall Slum. Partnering with a local NGO called Streetlight, the project will not only provide built infrastructure, but also aims to trigger long-term positive social change.
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May 20, 2013
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The first Study Center, completed in 2011 (photo Nelson Petilla)
The child-sized study space on the second floor of the first Study Center (photo: Verlyn Ponce)
Mothers designing the first Study Center during a workshop (photo: Nerren Homeres)
Families from the Seawall slum making furniture for the first Study Center (photo: WORKSHOP architecture)

Our challenge is harness the energy of the Seawall community so that they can help improve their children's educational opportunities themselves. We will need to confront the social issues faced by the community in order to break the cycle of poverty that prevents children from leading healthy happy and promising lives.


Our solution is to use architecture as a platform for engagement and exchange that will empower the community to define and solve their problems. Using workshops as a tool to design collaboratively, and construction as a chance to build skills and knowledge, the outcome will benefit both the children and parents.