Designing for the Agape Mercy Children

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This project explores how Design Thinking can be a tool for empowering orphaned and at-risk children in rural Kenya to overcome poverty and become leaders in their community.

Rachael Stamps
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May 20, 2013
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The Agape Mercy Children's Center (AMCC) is home to 35 children who have been orphaned or put at risk by HIV/ AIDS in Kenya. AMCC believes these children can be the future leaders of Kenya.
AMCC faces many challenges and is in need of a three prong solution.
Funding provided, we plan to return to AMCC to teach design thinking through workshops and hands on projects.
An example educational project would be walking the kids through designing a small chicken coop.
This video has been removed.
One student at AMCC shares her story and how AMCC is giving her hope.

How do we empower a struggling children's home in Kenya to simultaneously overcome poverty, improve nutrition and enhance education opportunities for its residence? Our solution needs to be effective on a small scale, create capacity on the local level and be able to be scaled up over time.


Conduct workshops that take the kids through the design thinking process. By creating a platform for an open dialogue, we can help them identify the problems that matter to them, create a clearer understanding of the limitations and help them recognize their true assists, empowering them to design effictive solutions.