Urban Twist uses Art to promote Health

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Students in Studio 205 at Mott Community College were challenged to create a graphic and workshop activities based on the theme "Me, My Health & I" for the North End Soup Kitchen's Summer Kids Camp 2009, a camp that is free to kids 4-11. Mott graphic design students included three mentored high school participants. Students brainstormed about the audience and potential graphic options. The graphic would be used on t-shirts and promotional material. Four days of workshops used art to promote good health and nutrition.
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June 24, 2010
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NESK Summer Kids Camp '09 Graphic
Proposed graphics for activities
Making clay magnets
Making healthy cookbooks
Happy fruit! Happy Kids! FIMO® to be made into clay magnets.

Create a graphic that demonstrates the relationship of good health and the urban culture of Flint, Michigan, while also making reference to the arts since workshops would be using the arts to educate kids about good health. Use art workshops to educate young campers about healthy eating and behaviors.


Build upon Leonardo's Vitruvian Man but with an urban hip hop twist to it. Final design created by DeMarcus Smith. Members of Studio 205 and other faculty and students participated in the delivery of the workshops.