Collaborating with Catastrophe

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Collaborating with Catastrophe: Disaster Design takes into consideration pre-disaster and post-disaster potentials and engages a variety of design processes to achieve a diverse range of outcomes that address a pressing social need within a community. El Segundo Fire Department is the site partner for this class and acts in a supportive role, providing students with access to privileged information, resources, and city personnel. Students also have the opportunity to engage in a deep understanding of disaster design in relation to the particular characteristics of El Segundo.

Integrated Learning Program
Integrated Learning Program

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June 17, 2009
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Junior Integrated Learning Program Students at an Emergency Preparedness Training at the City of El Segundo Fire Department
Disaster design outfits
Junior Integrated Learning Program students created stencils that could represent emergency symbols around the City of El Segundo
Emergency Preparedness Suit
Spring 2009: Student demonstrates utility vest prototype

Students will learn that effective emergency preparedness and response for major events requires the coordinated planning and actions of multiple players from multiple first responder disciplines, jurisdictions, and levels of government as well as nongovernmental entities.


Life Long learning : Effective emergency preparedness is a task that is never done, but requires continuing commitment and leadership because circumstances change and continuing trade-offs because we will never have the funds to do everything we might like to do. Students will have an opportunity to demonstrate creative art and design solutions to disasters.