Keep It In The Comics

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This project is one of six from the "stART now: change is central" mentoring program that unites Central High students and the University of Tennessee Graphic Design students in Knoxville, TN. This project was developed by Team Peace. In August 2008, Central High and the community were stunned at the news of a school shooting that killed a sophomore and left a freshman charged with murder. This tragic event once again heightened the awareness of community and the need for tolerance. With a focus on the theme of violence and the topic of war in general, students began with one simple statement: We do not want war to happen.
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October 5, 2009
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On the community facebook page, Members are encouraged to come up with nonviolent events and post images that advance world peace. Go to php?gid=92036424044&ref=ts
Members can print out stickers from the site. They can be used in creative, nonviolent ways to point out instances of violence and hatred.
Student Richard Bolbach developed sketches for a sculpture that uses water for movement. As water falls over the surface of the letter "m" in the word "me" it rotates the letter to form a new word "we"
The Central students carved their own words and images in 6 x 6 blocks that were then forged out of iron.
The initial image that started the questioning process for Team Peace.

War has existed on this planet for thousands of years. The challenge became, how do we make something meaningful happen in 14 one-hour classes? Who do we want to talk to? If high school students are our audience, what is the best way to reach them? Students asked: What does war look like? Are there necessary wars? ...


War is a global problem that can be addressed using social networking sites. We created a facebook community group, encouraging everyone to join voices, raising awareness about the effects of war, hatred and violence in today’s society. The community is united under the revolutionary phrase “keep it in the comics”.