Newcomers High School Welcoming Stories

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The Newcomers High School Welcoming Stories Workshop is an education outreach program created by First Person American that integrates storytelling, journalism, activism and video production to help immigrants gain a deeper understanding of immigrant assimilation. By partnering with the Human Rights class at Newcomers High School--an all immigrant high school in Long Island City-- First Person American gives students the opportunity to explore how sharing their immigration experiences can improve human rights for other immigrants in their school and communities.
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September 4, 2013
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Dino's Welcoming Story
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Masuma's Welcoming Story
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Yasmany's Welcoming Story

Nearly 400,000 New York immigrants are school aged children. Most of them will go through the assimilation process at a school in their local community. Partnering with Newcomers High School offers a unique opportunity to collect stories from immigrant youth while educating them on the principles of storytelling.


The Welcoming Stories Workshop is a 10-week, volunteer lead, workshop with the Human Rights Class, taught by Julie Mann, at Newcomers High School. Three workshop volunteers will lead the class. Each volunteer will take turns teaching the students the principles of writing, journalism and video production.