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the new programme is a "framework project": a studio focused on facilitating community-based social change through client partnerships and designer-initiated work. we function in a space between a traditional design studio and the classroom, staffed by a design educator/professional, relying on student collaborators. to move the field beyond pro-bono work, we seek to develop a sustainable, open-source business model for doing social-change work. our locally-focused studio exposes student collaborators to the possibilities and realities of social change work through projects focused on health, education, sustainability and civic participation.

tyler galloway
the new programme
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September 4, 2013
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campaign identity and support materials to publicly expose the corporate malfeasance of a local energy company by skirting their tax burden while raising rates and paying high executive salaries.
jeremy al-haj of the midwest center for equality & democracy (mced) reviewing brand marks with tyler galloway as part of mced's brand strategy and identity process.
final brand direction on stationery for the midwest center for equality and democracy. key brand attributes for the group are "powerful", "organized" and "innovative".
dual-purpose poster/stencil to remind viewers of the humanity of people without homes, encouraging more loving, personal and non-judgmental interactions. stenciling extends the primary poster message.
identity and support materials for kc99, whose mission is "defeating racism & fighting for economic equality: an america for us all".

the first challenge lies in developing sustainable funding and studio models, and by extension, viable careers in the field. another is exposing students to this type of design work, inspiring them through meaningful and effective projects, and supporting their career paths in this field.


a flexible studio model organized by design educator tyler galloway, staffed by student collaborators and driven by the needs of local community partners and design research interests. educational components include a range of real-world project experiences and a yearly immersive "design for good" trip/workshop.