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The mentoring partnership between senior undergraduate students in the Communication Design program at Metro State and students at PlatteForum’s ArtLab in Denver, Colorado was a hit from the beginning. Six teams were formed at the start of the nine-week summer 2009 experience based on similar interests. From there, students and faculty leaders met from 1:00-4:00pm every Tuesday through the summer in the Metro State design studio. Additional time was spent by students after the close of the experience in mounting an exhibition of their work, which was a terrific success!

Professor Lisa M. Abendroth
Metro State
303 556 3140

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December 10, 2013
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Lamar billboard company sponsored the display of the winning concept (voted on by the public during the exhibition) in a highly visible site in Denver.
Boarders are Imaginary Lines: Eddie Orozco + Andrea Ruiz (mentees) Eddie Nouri (mentor)
An exhibition at PlatteForum showed the final billboard designs as well as process sketches and materials.
Photoshoots, illustration sessions and tutorials in digital design programs were all conducted by the student mentors. Finding ways to translate text-based concepts from design briefs into visuals became a significant focus of the mentorship effort.
15 high school student interns with PlatteForum's ArtLab were mentored by 6 Communication Design students from Metropolitan State College.

Using the theme of Acceptance, students worked in teams to understand the implications of this word. Through a guided process, the Communication Design students worked hand-in-hand with their mentees in defining a design process — something previously unexplored by this group.


Much time was spent in this experience simply defining and working through key issues. Conversation, research and concept exploration dominated the summer experience, which was extremely rich. Critiques punctuated final outcomes and refinements. Lamar billboard company sponsored the display of the billboards in Denver.