Designer's Culture Guide

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As visual advocates for society, designers should use their knowledge, experience, and influence to produce credible and responsible forms of communication. I have created an online guide to educate students and professionals on how they can create culturally responsible graphic design Designs should not perpetuate the historical inaccuracies of different cultures but instead carry their own meaning without the negativities of harmful stereotypes or the misappropriation of a culture for profit.
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September 4, 2013
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Designer's Culture Guide - Homepage
Designer's Culture Guide - Research Tools: A list of fact-finding tools available to designers.
Designer's Culture Guide - Symbols: Symbols can confuse or educate, depending on how well they are designed and if the designer properly researched the audience.
Designer's Culture Guide - Typeface: The appearance of typefaces can affect how the audience interprets the message.
Designer's Culture Guide - Blog: Blog posts relating to culturally responsible/irresponsible graphic design.

The website was launched in late May 2013. I am looking to create additional tools to get this message out to designers i.e. printed material, mobile version, mobile app, etc. I am also looking for opportunities to expand the website and get this information into the hands of educators as well as established designers.


The guide offers accurate information about how symbols, typefaces, and colors relate to different cultures. There is not an exact formula for creating non-exploitive design solutions. So I am attempting to teach designers that they need to research and analyze all the elements that they use in a design.