The Green River Newspaper

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The Green River Newspaper is a community print project made in collaboration with the people of Green River, Utah. By working primarily with middle- and high-school students, we empower residents to collect and create stories that are unique to Green River. The format of a town newspaper puts a collective story in the hands of the entire community.

Sarah Baugh

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September 4, 2013
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We are proud to present the Green River Newspaper, the result of a truly town-wide collaboration.
JoAnne Chandler, City Archivist, delights Green River seniors with knowledge about their grandparents on a class field trip to the City Archives. Many of these students had never been there before.
The moment of wonder at seeing the finished newspaper for the first time in the printing plant at the Salt Lake Tribune. This is real, guys!
The core crew of middle and high school students at the printing plant in Salt Lake City. One van, 10,000 newspapers, 12 passengers, and a 4-hour drive home...
Carly, a homeschooled 9th grader who attended the after-school newspaper sessions, stands with her parents, who made cupcakes for the release party at the Epicenter!

The public education system in rural places like Green River can lack the resources, staff, and perspective to help empower youth to become educated, engaged local and global citizens. Students lack beneficial experiences like exposure to young working professionals, as well as engaging in experiential learning strategies.


The newspaper brings creative professionals into rural setting to expose students to possible careers and facilitate real-life application of creative skills. The project pushes students to engage with their community, empowering exploration, strengthening relationships, and contributing to a sense of place-based identity.