Community-Designed Grocery Store Vision

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By surveying hyper-local communities, our project seeks to incite in residents a vision of a community-driven grocery store that not only provides high quality food and produce, but also gives back to that community itself. Starting with 3 Chicago neighborhoods as a case study, we want to explore how to improve the relationship of a grocery store to its community.


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September 4, 2013
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We want to offer a vision of a community asset that offers more than just high-quality food access. We want it to be driven by the residents’ way-of-life and community spirit.
Using a survey deployed both online and offline, the results give residents an empowering perspective of their neighborhood. Three distinct Chicago neighborhoods will be used as case studies.
A visual that summarizes key components of an area is a great tool to clearly present something that residents may never have considered and to mobilize support around a central goal.

Countless neighborhoods face lack of high-quality food access, high unemployment, and disconnection between the local businesses and its residents. There are no real opportunities to invest in one’s immediate neighborhood, let alone investment from outsiders.


After deploying a comprehensive local survey, we will create a visual to summarize the unique vitals of a community -residents’ habits, its buying power, and its distinct conditions. This will offer a empowering sense of identity and a vision of community asset -a grocery store- that residents can support and be proud of.