Project Case Studies

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Below is an archive of project case studies; each one is a designer’s vision to ignite change in the world through creative problem solving. We aim to bring big ideas such as these out of the studio and into the community to inspire like-minded changemakers. Projects are posted by Design Ignites Change participants and award applicants.

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blank, blank toy toys

College for Creative Studies

We documented an abandoned house in Hamtramck, MI set for demolition. In the process we documented its history, and the people who lived in it.... more ⇒


the Bloom Box

University of Utah

Next time you go to the store, make the effort to notice all the potential waste from food packaging. After purchasing, produce packaging is repackage... more ⇒


Spared Change

Spared Change is a mobile application currently beginning development. Spared Change saves your “extra change” in a digital wallet. Tracking credit ... more ⇒


Paint It White

Kansas City Art Institute

Urban environments experience higher climate temperatures than surrounding rural ones due to increased urbanization. This effect, known more formally... more ⇒


Cite Soleil-Revitalization Project

New Jersey City University

The revitalization of Cite Soleil, Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Converting a shanty town into sustainable housing for a community. ... more ⇒