Project Case Studies

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Below is an archive of project case studies; each one is a designer’s vision to ignite change in the world through creative problem solving. We aim to bring big ideas such as these out of the studio and into the community to inspire like-minded changemakers. Projects are posted by Design Ignites Change participants and award applicants.

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Protein Pods and a New Coat of Paint

Kansas City Art Institute

This project looks at factors in the middle school cafeteria in the Rosedale neighborhood of Kansas City, Kansas. Rosedale has ... more ⇒


L.A. Earthquake (Designmatters)

Art Center College of Design

The Los Angeles Earthquake: Get Ready was a multimedia public safety campaign and sourcebook initiative created and led by Designmatters... more ⇒


Community-Designed Grocery Store Vision

By surveying hyper-local communities, our project seeks to incite in residents a vision of a community-driven grocery store ... more ⇒



School of Visual Arts

Moitié-Moitié is a series of gastronomic events that bring people from different cultures together to share, exchange and connect through food. All ac... more ⇒

This video has been removed.

Project C: Clicking Creates Change

Project C’s mission is to create a collection of multimedia stories that inform, inspire and encourage individuals to become invol... more ⇒