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Below is an archive of project case studies; each one is a designer’s vision to ignite change in the world through creative problem solving. We aim to bring big ideas such as these out of the studio and into the community to inspire like-minded changemakers. Projects are posted by Design Ignites Change participants and award applicants.

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HIV: Spread the Truth, Not the Disease

Kansas City Art Institute

Despite knowing the information about HIV, too many young gay men feel invincible and invulnerable to the serious threat of bei... more ⇒


Babies, Toddlers and Screen Time

Missouri State University, Department of Art + Design

The goal behind this project is to educate parents on the limitations of screens in early learning and to provide alternative activ... more ⇒


24 Centimeters

Art Center College of Design

24 Centimeters investigates the use of conversation objects to open up a dialogue about disabilities and rehabilitation of youth at the Katalemwa Ch... more ⇒


Swap It

Concordia University - Saint Paul

Swap It is a program that aids smokers in their transition to a smoke-free lifestyle. It offers encouragement and support to smokers through a positive rei... more ⇒


Live and Eat Healthy Neighborhood Guide

The Lefferts Community Food Co-op Healthy Living Neighborhood Guide is a map and resource guide of places to shop for healt... more ⇒