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Below is an archive of project case studies; each one is a designer’s vision to ignite change in the world through creative problem solving. We aim to bring big ideas such as these out of the studio and into the community to inspire like-minded changemakers. Projects are posted by Design Ignites Change participants and award applicants.

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This video has been removed.

Enacting Policy

Parsons The New School for Design

ENACTING POLICY is a platform for translating complex policy into experiences, characters, and consequences that allow us to acknowledge how law aff... more ⇒

This video has been removed.

Truth About Gangs in Garden State Site

Philadelphia University

The 2010 New Jersey State Police Gang Survey project, “The Truth About Gangs in the Garden State” was a team-based interdisci... more ⇒


Simultaneous Plan

University of Illinois School of Art + Design

Our senses are able to absorb enough stimuli in order to read our environment and make decisions. Our increasing control over energies produces a... more ⇒

This video has been removed.

The Progress LAB

School of Visual Arts

The sphere of social design is growing, yet often in reaction to a set of social problems as opposed to in the prevention of those problems to begi... more ⇒


Take Notice

A collaborative project tackling issues the older generation in Withington, Manchester, face in regards to accessibility and inclusion. Some in the loc... more ⇒